Through our internship and training programs, the Chamber of Commerce processes the J1 Visa promoting the international experience of working overseas and the opportunity for companies to hire those young professionals. In addition, we count with an extensive database for the use of our members in order to find the best professionals in a wide variety of industries. Take advantage of our J-1 Visa Program, designed to provide qualified young professionals with international experience abroad.

For more information concerning this program, please call us at (+1) 305-358-5988 or email us at

Your Company will have the opportunityto host a highly qualified international exchange visitors and participate in an enriching intercultural experience. Following are the two program categories available:



 - Graduate or undergraduate students from a foreign academic institution with over one year of professional experience

 - Students currently enrolled in and pursuing studies at a foreign post-secondary academic institution outside the US

 - Individuals who do not possess a degree but have 5 to 10 years of professional experience

 - Recent graduate foreign students who possess less than one year of professional experience

- Program length: 6 weeks up to 18 months

- Program length: 6 weeks up to 12 months

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