J1 image Visa

With the Spain-US Chamber of Commerce the candidates could obtain the J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa.

The Internship program is prepared for graduates and seniors international students. The Training program is for graduate professionals with more than one year of experience, or non-graduate professionals with experience between five and ten years.


J1 pic internBoth programs are aimed at Spanish nationals. Non-Spanish professionals are eligible as long as they participate in Training programs within organizations affiliated with Spain, for example: Spanish companies or those with offices in Spain and also international organizations where Spain is a member. As these are work visas, there is no obligation of remuneration. 

The J-1 visa application process requires the participation of the trainee and also the company that offers the internship.

Among other documents, the scholarship holder must present letters of recommendation, personal and study information, passport, CV in English, certificate to guarantee knowledge of English and proof of economic solvency.

It is necessary to contact the Chamber of Commerce in advance to evaluate whether the company and the fellow meet a series of requirements necessary to process the J-1 visa.


**NOTE: In order to participate in the internship and training program, the candidate must already have a company - with offices in the USA - ready to sponsor the program.

For further info of J1 PROGRAM: 
career@spainchamber.org | 305 358 5988