Who fits the profile for this type of membership?

Resident, Non-Resident. Aimed at companies SMEs, companies or professionals nonresidents who wish to participate regularly in events and seminars, and make use of the services of the Chamber. Agri-Food and Pharmaceutical businesses with exports to the U.S. and FDA purposes.

Annual cost: $250                                                                  Biennial cost: $450


  • Number of Representatives: 1


  • Commercial office rental with internet connection and the use of the Chamber’s mailing address*
  • Use of the meeting room*
  • Virtual office*


  • FDA registration with the Chamber as a resident agent
  • Food and Beverage Labeling revision for FDA requirements*


  • Access to the job board. Human resources services
  • J-1 VISA service*


  • Foster relationships with Chamber members and non-members
  • Invitations and discounts for fairs (depends on availability)


  • Representation in fairs, business appointments and trade events (50% discount)
  • Invitations and/or discounts in events where the Chamber participates
  • Invitations to seminars on career guidance, and other events created exclusively for young professionals


  • Reports on sectoral evaluation and market research (50% discount)
  • Basic Consulting business development services: Creation and business continuity


  • Trade agenda: Meetings with clients or potential partners*


  • Publication of news in the newsletter and webpage (depends on the campaign)
  • Promotional events designed for other members (seminars, fairs, conferences, networking events, etc.)*

*Check with the Chamber